Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sorry I have been away soooo long. With working full time and being in front of a computer all day I just want to stitch and do other things most of the time while I am off work. I did finish the Witches Hollow and have stitched a lot of other things since. Go to the bottom of the page and click on the link to my photobucket to see.

My friend that retired over a year ago finally found us a building and although she will own the shop, she is backing it financially and will be there the most I will still be heavily involved. It is sooo exciting. We just got the building this week. Now on to lots of work. I are hoping for a goal of having a grand opening by November 6th even if we don't have it fully stocked. Talk about EXCITED though. OMG There is no other shop anywhere close, NO WHERE to even get DMC floss.

Right now I am working on Autumn & Hawk Run Hollow and loving the colors.

Well, I am at my daughters for the weekend and we are going to head out of here soon to hit some antique and flea markets, looking for things for the shop.

I will try to get back on here more often. :)

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