Friday, May 16, 2008

Here is what I just started. It's JWS/AS 1809 Reproduction Sampler from the Scarlet Letter. Susan, my stitching friend and co-worker, gave me the kit for Christmas and I have really anxious to get started on it. I just had other projects I wanted to finish first, like Dutch Beauty. I haven't done that much but I am really enjoying it.

Here is all I have done on Ocean Treasures since the last post. I worked on finishing the French freebie and then moved Ocean Treasures to my carry around.

Finally finished the French Freebie.

Friday, May 9, 2008

It has been a longgggggg week, but it's almost quitting time on Friday. Here is a couple of projects I have worked on this week. First is an on-going freebie projects. I ended up having to take out about half what I had put in Wednesday night on that green border at the bottom. Off one stitch, arggggggg.

I started the Ocean Treasure (mermaid) last weekend and have worked on it periodically this week. Previously I had the freebie in my carry around bag but I'm hoping to finish it this weekend and move the mermaid to my bag so that I can start on a Scarlet Letter sampler that Susan (my stitching friend at work) gave me for Christmas. She bought me the complete kit with the silk floss and it will be gorgeous.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Oops, wrong picture. Here is minute spot.

Oh, and I finished Minute Spot by Drawn Thread last Sunday, just before I started the needlekeep kit. Here is the final picture.

Here is the French Freebie, although the picture seems kind of dark. For some reason I have been very successful in getting a picture of the true colors of this.

I finished the needlekeep kit last night, except for putting it together of course, LOL I decided to work on a French Freebie that I had already been carrying around and stitching on when not at home rather than start the next project.