Thursday, May 6, 2010

I finally got put back what I had to take out on Witches Hollow last weekend though and then finished it about 10:30 last night. I will try to get a picture of it tonight and get that posted soon.
I had a weekend from H*** last weekend. I went to see my niece graduated from the University of Arkansas at Jonesboro and on the way back drove through the edge of a tornado although didn't know it at the time, then I went straight to a Relay for Life for Cancer and walked in that, it was 18 hours and I was there 14 of them. I walked so much I had blister about the size of a nickel on the bottom of both feet about center of the front pad. Went home and sleep and few hours and then about 7:30 Saturday night lightning hit the power pole to our house so then we had no electricity until about 4:00 Sunday afternoon and it was soooooo hot and muggy. When we got power back it had burnt up the power surge bar that my flatscreen TV and stereo were in, thank goodness it did it's job though and didn't damage either of those. We weren't so luck with the one that DH's desktop computer, TV and new x-box 360 were in. It didn't damage the computer or TV but it fried the transformer on that x-box. We ordered a new one but won't know if it did more damage to the unit until we get that. It messed up our air unit and now it keeps going back and forth from heat to cool to heat. It fuzzed the points on the timer to my washer. As far as we know though that is all it did. That was ENOUGH.